Feature film by Jamaal Hepher

Cinematography by Sebastián Benalcázar
Production Design by Priscila Zumárraga Suárez

2 Days In Quito follows 28 year old Toño, a taxi driver adrift in a city of millions. Optimistic, talented and full of promise, he's desperate to escape his seemingly unfulfilling life and reconnect with his son, mother and sister. In a bid to come up with the money for a life-changing career course, he finds himself the culprit of bloodshed in an unplanned robbery.


Title: Two days in Quito

Release Date:  2019​

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 2 Hours

Language: English, Spanish

Country: Ecuador 

Direction: Jamaal Hepher

Production House:  Independent ( Gabriela Yepez - Jamaal Hepher )

Cinematography: Sebastián Benalcázar

Production Design: Priscila Zumárraga Suárez

Script: Jamaal Hepher​

Production Stage: Post- Production